Situated in the soaring north coast of Kwa Zulu Natal. The Zimbali Wedge is an oasis of residential luxury infused with Glamour and professionalism. Sweeping skyline sunsets, living near the ocean, expansive indoor and outdoor amenities, and elite personal services create a truly spectacular lifestyle for every resident.


The Zimbali Wedge’s private Porte- cochere service. Welcomes Residents and professionals into a contemporary paradise designed to Impress.


Style and substance all come together in a lifestyle filled with a convenient Living – working and shopping experience where lively conversations unfold In a sophisticated setting.


You can live above the rest from sunrise to sunset in a secure and friendly environment Enjoying the quality of life for a price that you can live with.


The ZimbalI Wedge is known for its exceptional collections of contemporary Designs and details flowing form the exterior architecture to the spacious open Plan layouts of the interiors be it in your private abode or your furnished and Serviced workspace. Every detail has be designed to maximize enjoyment of Abundant natural light and spectacular views.


Life in Zimbali Wedge puts residence at the centre of excitement With dozens of restaurants, boutiques and speciality food shops as Well as a convenient supermarket, fitness gym, service office suites, And lots more just and elevator ride away.


Sunshine, soft white sands and endless expanse of deep blue sea Define ballito as one of the most desirable places to live or visit along the North coast of Kwa Zulu Natal.


Zimbali Wedge’s overall design is best described as a complete fusion of nature and architecture at its best. The use of clean lines, large panes of glass sections, natural materials such as timber, natural stone cladding and off shutter concrete with touches of hedges and living walls gives this address and fresh and stylish appeal.


The convenience of living, working, shopping and dining in one address with everything You need and want at your doorstep allows for you and your family to live a laid back life Of leisure, security and enjoyment only few can experience.